How it works

Upon sign-up, you receive a clear picture of the state your SEO is in and a straightforward plan for further 90 days SEO optimization activities.
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    Discovery & SEO strategy development — WEEK 1

    Getting to know your business, its challenges and industry specifics is the first step in identifying the low hanging fruits for SEO growth. Our goal is not only to bring more organic traffic but to focus on generating more revenue from it. SEO strategy and objectives development come right after. By merging your business insights & current SEO state, we provide an actionable plan for SEO improvements for the next 90 days.
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    Technical SEO improvements — WEEK 2-3

    Fixes of the existing technical SEO issues allow getting the maximum with your existing content and backlinks portfolio. It will amplify further optimization efforts. Based on the scope of bugs present after fixes are made we can achieve from a 10% increase in organic traffic in just one month.
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    Content optimization — from WEEK 4

    Based on keywords & competitor research, we develop a content optimization strategy that can include optimization of the existing content and even creating dedicated landing pages. It may require wireframes, UX/UI, and tech development to expand targeting for new customer segments. Our in-house copywriters will create optimized content for both actual customers and search engine bots visiting the page.
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    Backlinks building — from WEEK 5

    We work on increasing the amount of industry-specific backlinks to strengthen your top organic pages based on competitor and keyword research. This step includes both PR and outreach activities to make sure your business becomes visible.
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    Reporting & monitoring — DAILY

    Each month you will receive a personalized report containing all valuable SEO metrics and analysis of data provided by our SEO specialists. Additionally, automated Data Studio dashboards will guide and explain to you our team's daily efforts.
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    Learning & iterating

    Right after low-hanging fruit improvements, we proceed with gradual, iterative optimization in 4 basic steps — Build, Measure, Learn, and Iterate. Perpetual iteration naturally leads to perfection — the best possible result, leveraging the maximum the market can offer.
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