Keyword & Competitor Research

The power of keyword research lies in a better understanding of your target audience searching for your content. Any on-page SEO activity should primarily be based on keyword research to identify the gap between the keywords your target audience is using and keywords present on your website.

TrafficDog™ Research Formula

We follow a strict methodology to unveil new low-hanging fruit keywords with low competition and high volume
  • Volume
    How many searches for the keyword there are every month and what the click-through rates are?
  • Difficulty
    How difficult it will be to rank in the top 10 for the desired keyword in a given location? What is the competition?
  • Intent
    Monetary and commercial intent of the keyword. What will it bring to your business?
As a result, you get a prioritized list of keywords for getting the best possible ROI in further content optimization.

But what about competitors?

  • "Hand in hand with keyword research, Competitors Research helps to understand what the Search Engines value in your industry, as well as identify what is it exactly that helps your competitors rank higher - which keywords, backlinks, type of content or tech."
    Ilze Slukuma, Senior SEO Specialist
It helps you to answer two questions — what makes competition rank higher and where can you outrank them?
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