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Backlinks are one of the very top ranking factors for search engines, therefore sometimes even the perfectly optimized sites won't conquer the top positions for the desired keywords. If you don't have a strong backlinks portfolio—you lose.

TrafficDog™ Backlinks Building Strategy

  • 1

    Scope determination

    Discovering the number of backlinks needed to rank amongst the top 10 positions in search engines.
  • 2

    Opportunities research

    Researching the backlinks your competitors have — what are the paid, free & guest blogging opportunities?
  • 3

    Backlinks claiming

    Acquiring free backlinks & contacting the owners of sites with broken backlinks to leverage free traffic or seek new creative backlinks opportunities.
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You get at least 5-10 new backlinks every month to rank your page higher. On top, we set a ROI-driven paid backlinks acquisition plan.

What about the bad backlinks we don't have control of?

  • Sometimes your site might have backlinks you did not know about at all...backlinks coming from untruthful sites, broken, sites, spammy pages. We call them "bad backlinks". Unlike valuable ones, it can negatively affect your SEO. Luckily, there is a fix - Disavow file. The whole process is quite straightforward. Backlinks profile evaluation -> manual checks of the backlinks from domains with low authority -> disavow list creation -> disavow file upload to Google Search Console.
    Lina Ivanova, Chief Search Officer
Your site now has a cleaner backlinks profile, with the bad backlinks weeded out. It boosts up your website authority and thus also SEO.
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